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Athletics/  Activities Directors

  Tim Erickson Special Education Teacher, SCHS Activities/Athletics Director
  Patsy Jellison Business/Computers, Yearbook Sponsor, SCMS Activities/Athletics Director


Covid Guidelines for Fans at South Central Athletic Events

A few notes regarding athletic activities at South Central Schools

-          Masks are required for all indoor activities at both SCHS and SCMS

-          Masks are recommended at all outdoor activities at both SCHS and SCMS

-          Social Distancing is recommended at all activities

-          Concessions items are limited to those that can be served covered. We will not serve Walking Tacos, Super Nachos, etc. We will have Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, etc. Popcorn, Pop and Candy

-          Parents, please keep your children with you throughout the game. Children should not be playing football in the end zones, behind the bleachers, or on the practice fields. Children should also not be running around the schools during indoor activities. Unsupervised children will be brought back to their parents, and we will keep any balls they are playing with until the end of the game.


Thank you for your support of South Central Schools. We are hopeful that with these minor changes, we are able to stay in school and in activities for the entire year. We are asking you to do your part to help make this happen.


Go Wolves!


Coaches 2020-21

HS Cheerleading AJ Prusa
HS Football

Gene Glenn, Co-Head

  Charles Austin, Co-Head

Hayden Fletcher, Assistant

HS Volleyball Cindy Snyder, Head
  Jenni Cronin, Assistant
HS Cross Country Victoria Selzer
HS Tennis Patricia Beck
HS Boys Basketball Bud Valerius

Paul Alvarez, Assistant

HS Girl's Basketball Tim Rietzke, Head
  Cindy Snyder, Assistant
HS Track Charlie Austin, Head Boys
HS Track Kayla Snyder, Head Girls
  Micaela Jellison, Assistant Track
HS Golf Richard Thompson, Head

Ty Theurer, Assistant

JH Cheerleading Jaymi Westrup
JH Football Brett Westrup, Head
  Hayden Fletcher, Assistant
JH Volleyball Patsy Jellison, Head

Becca Nuzum, Assistant

JH Boys Basketball Josh Sanchez, Head
  Jamin Huck, Assistant
JH Girls Basketball Devery Alexander
  Jerrica Glenn, Assistant
JH Track Jaymi Westrup, Head Girls
  Position Open, Head Boys
  Jerrica Glenn, Assistant


SPIAA League

Schools in the Southern Plains-Iroqouis League 

Ashland - map

Bucklin - map

Coldwater-South Central

Greensburg Kiowa County-map


Jetmore-Hodgeman County-map

Meade - map

Minneola - map

Montezuma-South Gray - map

Rozel-Pawnee Heights - map

Satanta - map

Spearville - map