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Kansas Board of Regents College Info

A resource from KBOR on searching programs and costs from Kansas colleges and universities is available on their web site,

This online tool identifies all institutions, degree titles and allows you to search for key words that generates a complete list of all the options in Kansas for that area of study.  Users can then generate a comparison chart that shows information on items like Resident Tuition, Fees, Room and Board, Books and Supplies and more.  Each of the institutions will also display an estimated cost for 4 years with the wage and employment information for that area.

Parent Resources

School Fees for 2020-21

Textbook Rental - PreSchool $40.00
Textbook Rental - Grades K-4 $60.00
Textbook Rental - Grades 5-8 $90.00
Textbook Rental - Grades 9-12 $90.00
School Owned Instrument Rental Grades 5-12 $40.00


Contacting a Staff Member

On each of the school pages is a list of the staff in that school building. Click on the small envelope in front of each staff member's name to email that staff member. Parents may also call the school office during the teacher's planning period to be transferred to the teacher. You will find the teacher's planning period on his/her webpage. You may reach that site from the link on your child's school page.




Kansas School Safety Hotline

The Kansas School Safety Hotline (1-877-626-8203) became operative August 1, 1999, for use by students, parents, and community members in anonymously reporting any impending school violence.  This hotline is a toll free number available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to give students, parents, and community members the opportunity to report any impending school violence. As you may be aware, students usually have knowledge of potential school violence before it occurs. This hotline gives parents and students the opportunity to anonymously report any potential violence. If you suspect that a violent event may occur at our school, please call the number above to report it. Your call will be anonymous and may save lives.

Concerning attendance/  absences

Concerning attendance and early dismissal:  If your student is absent from school for any reason, a phone call, note from a parent or guardian, or an email from a parent or guardian is required for the absence to be an excused absence.  If your student needs to leave school early and will be driving themselves OR be picked up by someone other than a parent or guardian, you will need to call the school in advance for the student to leave early with that person. All students need to sign out at the appropriate office (high school or elementary) before they leave.

If you have any questions, please call either the high school office at 620-582-2158 or the elementary office at 620-622-4545.