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Bud Valerius, Principal
Bud Valerius

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South Central High School            600 E Garfield, PO Box 578            Coldwater, KS 67029                  Phone: 620-582-2158                    Fax: 620-582-2535

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  Bud Valerius Principal, SCHS

Emergency Safety Intervention POlicy GAAF

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South Central High School

2021 High School Staff

A Message from the Principal

Contact the High School Staff

  Linda Basnett Clerk of the Board of Education
  Jim Blundell Head Custodian, SCHS
  Tim Erickson Special Education Teacher, SCHS Activities/Athletics Director
  Scott Howell 9-12 History/ Basketball Coach
  Kelly Hubbard English Language Arts SCHS, NHS Sponsor
  Jordan Jackson Agriculture Education, Forensics, FFA Sponsor, STUCO Sponsor
  Patsy Jellison Business/Computers, Yearbook Sponsor, SCMS Activities/Athletics Director
  Chris Johnson Para, Bus #6 Driver
  Katelyn Johnson 9-12 English
  Jennifer Kay K-12 Counselor
  Carolyn King Online/Testing/Scholarships, K-12 Library
  April Lester Food Service Director, Food Service Head SCHS
  Nicky Lindsay Science, STUCO Sponsor
  Connie McCleary Food Service/Custodian SCHS
  Thomas McDow District Staff
  Amber Page Middle School Para
  Tammy Sanders SCHS Secretary
  Melanie Thompson K-8 Vocal Music
  Judson Tillotson 9-12 Math Teacher/ Esports Coach/ Scholars Bowl Coach
  Taffi Turley Speech Pathologist
  Bud Valerius Principal, SCHS
  Laura Valerius Senior Leadership Class, Web Class
  Jaymi Westrup K-5, 9-12 Physical Education