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SCHS STUCO - Nicky Lindsay and Jordan Jackson

SCMS Leadership - Jennifer Kay

SCHS Student Council/SCMS Leadership

SCHS Student Council

student council

SCMS Leadership Team

SCMS Leadership

The SCMS Leadership Team is pictured with Joe Coles, who conducts the leadership workshops for our students.

SCHS STUDEnt Council      2019-20

SCMS Leadership Team 2019-20

8th Grade-Emily Hardy, Cambree Stapleton, Kaylee Martin, Molly Murphy, Ashton Patterson, Creed Leeper

7th Grade-Claudia Abel, Emma Jellison, Olivia Shaw, JT Prusa, Hagen McMoran, Gracie York

6th Grade-Anna Dale, Cami Dunn, Ethan Yoder, Mylee Turley, Jack Herd, Hayden Herzer