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Board Meeting Dates and Times

The Comanche County USD 300 Board of Education meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM at the South Central High School board room in Coldwater. If a meeting is moved from this time, or a special meeting is needed, these changes will be announced on the home page of the website and in the school calendar.

Contact a Board Member

  Colleen Bushnell Board of Education
  Hayden Fletcher District Staff
  Kelly Herd Board of Education
  Hanna McCleary Board of Education
  Steve Prusa Board of Education
  Andy Uhl Board of Education
  Dean Yoder Board of Education

Addressing the Board of Ed

Public Forum Notice

Public Participation in Board Meetings.

If you wish to address the Board of Education at a meeting, please complete the Request to Address the Board of Education form and return to the Board Clerk no later than 4 pm on the date of the regular meeting. 

Board of Education

The USD 300 Board of Education
Comanche County BOE
Back Row L to R: Kelly Herd, Hanna McCleary, Colleen BushnellFront Row L to R: Nathan Huck, Steve Prusa, Andy Uhl, and Dean Yoder

Meet the Members of the Board of Education

Colleen Bushnell

Colleen joined the Board of Education in January, 2020. She is from Coldwater, and has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She serves as the member service representative at CMS Electric. Colleen has two children, Brylei and Evan, who are students at SCEMS. 

Hanna McCleary

Hanna is from Protection, and joined the board in April of 2020, filling an unexpired term that ends in 2022. She is a South Central graduate, and has college hours. She is a Social Services Designee at Protection Valley Manor. Hanna has two boys attending SCEMS who both adore their teachers!

Kelly Herd

Kelly is from Coldwater, and was elected to the Board in 2016. She attended cosmetology training after high school and is a cosmetologist. Kelly has three children, two of whom are South Central graduates and one who is attending SCHS.

Steve Prusa

Steve is from Coldwater and began serving on the Board in 2020. He is a 1994 Coldwater HS graduate, attended Kansas State University, and received a bachelor's degree from University of Central Oklahoma. Steve is a funeral director at Hatfield-Prusa Funeral Home in Coldwater, KS. His daughter graduated from SCHS and he has two sons attending SCMS and SCES.

Andy Uhl

Andy  is from Wilmore and is a rancher. He has an associate's degree, and joined the Board in 2018. Andy has two children, Abriana  who is a 2020 graduate of SCHS,  and Tucker, who graduates in 2022.

Dean Yoder

Dean is from Coldwater, and began serving on the board in January of 2022. He graduated from Inman High School. Dean's mom is a graduate of Protection High School. Dean works at Kiowa Memorial Hospital. Dean has 3 sons and 1 daughter who all attend school at South Central.

Hayden Fletcher

Hayden is a South central graduate. He has his certificate in diesel technology, works at TNT Auto here in Coldwater. Hayden is married to Jonnie Fletcher and has one son who will be a future Timberwolf! 

Chain of Command for Contacts
Chain of Command

Policies Re: Problem solving

BCAE Public Hearings 

The board may hold public hearings on matters which the board deems appropriate.

Public hearings will be held at a convenient time and a suitable place.

The board president or vice-president shall preside at public hearings and shall request every participant to state name, residence and purpose for speaking. After a hearing is called to order the board may delegate another individual to run the actual hearing.

Approved: May 13, 2015

BCBI Public Participation at Board Meetings  

Open Forum

The president or presiding officer may ask patrons attending if they would like to speak during the open forum. Rules for the public forum will be available from the clerk prior to the board meeting and at the meeting itself. The board president may impose a limit on the time a visitor may address the board. The board president may ask groups with the same interest to appoint a spokesperson to deliver the group’s message. Except to ask clarifying questions, board members shall not interact with speakers at the open forum.

Patron-Requested Agenda Items

Any patron may request addition of a specific agenda item and shall notify the superintendent {seven} days prior to the meeting and state the reason(s) for the request. The superintendent shall determine whether the request can be solved by staff without the patron’s appearance before the board. If not, the superintendent shall consult with the board president, and the patron’s request may be placed on the next regular board meeting agenda.

Handling Complaints

The superintendent may refer complaints to the board only if a satisfactory adjustment cannot be made by a principal, the superintendent, or other appropriate staff members.

Approved: May 13, 2015

See also KN Complaints

USD 300 Board of Education

Kelly Herd, President

Andy Uhl, Vice-President

Colleen, Bushnell, Member

Hanna McCleary, Member

Steve Prusa, Member

Dean Yoder, Member

Hayden Fletcher, Member

Board Agendas

Unofficial Board Meeting Minutes