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A Message from the Principal

Hi, my name is Matt Jellison and I am the principal of South Central Elementary School.  At SCES we are blessed to have a wonderful staff to make sure that the students get an outstanding start to their education. The teacher’s do a great job preparing fun and engaging lessons for students.  The “lunch ladies” make great meals to keep the students energized and well fed.  Every student is able to have PE and music class everyday.  It is always nice to hear music coming from the music room and the noise of kids at play during PE class.  South Central Elementary School strives to give every student a well rounded education.

Principal Matt Jellison

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parade 3
Parade Fun
parade 2
Homecoming Parade Fun
Homecoming Parade Fun
Young students playing on the playground supervised by older students
Fun With Big Kids
Students in a line at the front of their classroom showing the various bags, suitcases, etc that they used for "Anything but a Backpack" Day
Anything but a Backpack Day
4 first graders sitting in a bathtub in a classroom all showing the books they are reading to the camera
Reading Fun in 1st Grade
Kindergartners being read to by older volunteers with everyone sitting around round tables
Reading in Kindergarten
1st Grade students dressed up in various holiday appropriate attires
1st Grade Holiday Day