Top: the SCMS leadership team sitting in the bleachers, Bottom: the SCMS leadership team standing in a horseshoe formation on the gym floor listening to a speaker standing in the open end

The SCMS Leadership Team is pictured with Joe Coles, who conducts the leadership workshops for our students.

SCMS Leadership Team

Gage Abel, Kate Herd, Call Martin, Saige Petty, Hailey Rosenberger, Jazmyne Sanchez, Parker Woodrum, Emerie Woolfolk, Andres Arias, Brylei Bushnell, Isaac Girk, Bretlynn Westrup, Chaniell Blundell, Hayes Harvey, Cashton Leeper, Remi Martin, Ellie Murphy, Mia Napierala, Quincy Sanchez, Breckyn Snyder